I am Jeff Coles Smith and Motionsmith is my design studio. I specialize in ideation and creation of 2D/3D motion graphic content for mediums such as broadcast, online, outdoor and environmental, for clientele in various industries.  I’m a creative by nature, have a propensity for curiosity, a tendency toward analysis, and have evolved throughout the years to understand the logical scope of projects.  I start every project by understanding why the subject matters and to who.  Then all the things that matter to me as an artist take over:  visuals, sounds, space, pace, flow, imagery, stories, emotions, mood, intentions. 
I live in Rochester, NY with my wife, Luci, my son, Sebastian and my dog, Jebediah. Balance and inspiration comes from music daily, getting into the woods often, and unique experiences as time allows.  
While I dig into local projects as often as possible, the majority of my work comes from out of town.  I am accustomed to remote communication and collaboration.  I am fortunate to have developed relationships with a network of talented creatives, that in collaboration can bring just about any audio visual design production need to life.

My Background
I’ve been breathing the digital media air since 2002. I spent the first decade as an interactive UI/UX designer, mostly pushing pixels around in Flash.  Around 2009, my focus began to shift to motion graphic content creation. I still love a good UI/UX design project, but much of my time these days has been devoted to After Effects.

In 2012, I left my position creating multimedia and mo-graph content within the event and trade show industry and took advantage of an opportunity to work as a freelance on a distributed team developing explainer videos & book trailers. I have since worked with many clients and teams on a range of exciting projects and have been building on my experiential/environmental design experience. 
Lets talk.
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