Interactive Touch-Table Interface Concept - RES Exhibits

I designed the above concept, which was proposed to Oshkosh Defense, to be used as a Surface Table interface within their trade show exhibit. It was not chosen, so I re-used the concept for Textron System's (below). This time it was chosen. I worked with the development team to produce this presentation from concept to completion.

Tablet Interface Rough Concept - RES Exhibits

Interactive Touchscreen - RES Exhibits
The example below is a part of the Bushnell application we produced. This particular project was developed for two different technologies. One was a standard touchscreen and the other was a Microsoft Surface Table. There was quite a bit more content than what I have on display here, but this was one of my favorite sections of it.  

Interactive Illuminate Display - RES Exhibits
The following are examples of an application I created for the Bausch + Lomb exhibit. I designed and developed this one using Flash. It was projected on a glass touchscreen.