Rockstar MMORPG Interface Concept - Workinman Interactive
I created this concept in 2008 while working at Workinman Interactive. Workinman was hired to to develop an MMORPG. The premise of the game was to start virtual bands, create rockstar personas and music using built in digital audio tools, then market yourself by playing virtual gigs, make fans out of other players, and get air play on built in streaming radio stations OR experience the virtual music world as a fan only by attending shows and listening to music. It was a lot of fun to think about and create. This layout did not end up used and by todays standards, it would never fly, but I like the details. 
Interactive Touch-Table Interface Concept - RES Exhibits
I designed the above concept, which was proposed to Oshkosh Defense, to be used as a Surface Table interface within their trade show exhibit. It was not chosen, so I re-used the concept for Textron System's (below). This time it was chosen. I worked with the development team to produce this presentation from concept to completion.

Tablet Interface Rough Concept - RES Exhibits
Interactive Touchscreen - RES Exhibits
The example below is a part of the Bushnell application we produced. This particular project was developed for two different technologies. One was a standard touchscreen and the other was a Microsoft Surface Table. There was quite a bit more content than what I have on display here, but this was one of my favorite sections of it.  
Interactive Illuminate Display - RES Exhibits
The following are examples of an application I created for the Bausch + Lomb exhibit. I designed and developed this one using Flash and Actionscript. It was projected on a glass touchscreen.